Sunday, 23 September 2012

Moi Name

Jennospot 81  Moi Name

There's some people wot reckon as 'ow Jenno is a boy's name, an' they ain't all tergevver wrong, 'cos girls are usually called Jenna or Jenny. 'Corse moi name is really Jean, but not 'ardly anyone ever calls me that, 'cept my teacher at school. Even moi mum don't call me Jean 'cept when she's angry wiv me. Usually she calls me Jeanie, but when she says Jean, then Oi know Oi'm in trouble. Yew wanna know 'ow Oi got ter be called Jenno? Well Oi told Peter about one day when we 'ad started ter make moi soapbox racin' cart. Peter tells it loike this:

I decided to tackle Jenno at the milk break about the girls making carts. It wasn't difficult, as she was actually looking for me.

‘Hello,’ said Jenno. ‘Oi've got four of them mushroom bolts we need. They're about as long as moi middle finger. Will they do?’

‘That's fine. They're called coach bolts by the way.’

‘Why coach bolts? Shouldn't they be called cart bolts?’

‘I don't know why they're called coach bolts. They just are. Might as well ask why you're called Jenno when your name is Jean.’

‘Ev'ryone calls me Jenno.’

‘Is that a reason?’

‘Naw, cleverdick. It's 'cos Oi've got a cousin Jean, about moi age, wot used ter live in the same 'ouse as me. They called 'er Jeanie, and me Jenno so's we'd know who was who. So there. Why're yew called Peter, fer that matter? Oi don't see yew a-peterin' out all the toime.’

Jenno giggled.

‘It's in the Bible,’ I said.

‘Yew fink Oi'm iggerant? Peter was the guy wot said 'ee din't know Jesus when Jesus got inter trouble wiv the law. Foine sort o' friend 'ee was.’

‘He was a fisherman.’

‘So? Yew a-goin' in fer fishin'?’

‘His name means a rock.’

‘Cripes— yew'd better not go a-fallin' inter no water then.’

‘Oh, shut up Jenno. You're impossible.’

‘Yeah, an' moi name comes outta the Bible too. Peter 'ad a good friend wot was also a fisherman. 'Is name was John. An' that's where moi name Jean comes from. So sucks ter yew.’

An' that's it fer this week, wiv luv from Jenno

By the way, the story about moi name an' 'ow we built moi racin' cart, an' a whole lot of ovver good stuff, is in "Gang Loyalty": or

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