Monday, 7 May 2012


Jennospot 65  'Appiness

D'yew know wot Oi reckon? Oi reckon as 'ow in America, they've got fings a bit wrong wiv their idea, wot's kinda written inter their way o' bein', ter go a-chasin' around doin' wot they call, "the pursuit of  'appiness".

The fing is, an' it came ter me the ovver day all of a sudden loike, that the best way ter find 'appiness is ter ferget about it, 'cos if'n yew go a-chasin' after it, yew can't never catch it up. An' then yew get all un'appy 'cos it stays outta reach. But then, if'n yew ferget about it, one foine day, when yew least expect it, yew'll look around, an' yew'll say ter yerself: "Cripes, Oi'm 'appy!"

It don't take no special 'oliday, or lots o' fings wot yew own, ter find yerself  'appy. It jus' 'appens loike that, wivvout givin' any warnin'. The trick is ter recognise it, when it 'appens, 'cos yew c'n be perfec'ly 'appy wivvout realisin' yew're 'appy. That's p'raps the best way of all ter be 'appy. Still an' all, Oi ain't about ter go outta moi way ter make rules fer doin' it. Oi reckon as 'ow makin' rules, is a sure-fire way ter makin' yerself, an' ev'rybody else, real un'appy… don't yew fink?

There's somefink else an' all… if'n yew want ter be 'appy, yew gotta be real careful wot yew put yer 'eart into, 'cos ev'ryfink an' ev'rybody changes, an' if'n they 'appen ter break, then yer 'eart will get broken wiv 'em. See wot Oi mean? So it's best ter put yer 'eart inter real valuable fings wot are goin' ter last a long toime. Oi ain't about ter tell yew wot those fings are, 'cos that's too much loike makin' rules. Besides, they ain't the same fer ev'rybody. Yew gotta work 'em out fer yerself. When yew've done that, then yew're well on the way ter 'appiness, only don't go lookin' out fer it. Wot's more, don't go a-pursuin' it 'cos that's fatal. Jus' ferget about it, an' wait fer it ter 'appen', 'cos it will. Yew'll see…

Luv from Jenno.

By the way, don't ferget moi e-book, "Jenno's Widdlin'ton". It ain't always 'appy on ev'ry page, but leastways, it's free:

An' then there's Peter St John's website:
Yew c'n go merrily clickin' around on it, if'n that sorta fing makes yew 'appy, at least fer a little while…

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